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Heros in Arcane Legends can gain items, gold, and experience by completing quests. Quests are given by NPC's in various locations throughout Arlor.

Tutorial/Intro QuestsEdit

​Karin Quest ChainEdit

Windmoore CityEdit

Brackenridge ForestEdit

Ydra ForestEdit

Brackenridge AqueductsEdit

Brackenridge VillageEdit

Gold MineEdit

Traveler's OutpostEdit

Great City of KraagEdit

Ydra OutskirtsEdit

Rooks' HideoutEdit

Rooks' NestEdit

The Dead CityEdit

  • Reach the Arcanums
  • Death Magic
  • Destroy the Artifact
  • Back to Hell
  • Vengeance
  • The Endless Search
  • Seeds of Death
  • Brother in Arms
  • Dead Scroll
  • Battle Plans
  • If I Should DIe...
  • Lord of Hell


  • Horn of renew
  • Nordr
  • The Great Frost
  • Search and Rescue
  • Carry the Torch (daily)
  • Zher's Goods
  • Oltgar Keep
  • World of Rune
  • Eight-Legged Eggs


Kraken IslesEdit

  • Crab Trapper
  • Dragon's Jewel
  • Stormy Seas (taken from the dead city arcanum grounds)
  • Revenge at Grog Beach
  • Pirate Pact
  • Helena's Hope
  • The Iron Sea
  • Red Tide
  • Dead Men's Tales
  • Monkey Ball
  • Blood Dawn
  • Power of Gleipnir
  • Seven Sisters
  • Booty Bags
  • Visit Aegir Island
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