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Welcome to the Arcane Legends Wiki:Edit

Arcane legends main
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Arcane Legends is a fantasy-themed mobile MMORPG by Spacetime Studios. This wikia is open to the community, so feel free to update/add any information you see fit. (although we will NOT accept ANY unnecessary edits)


Arcane Legends takes place in the fantasy world of Arlor and Shuyal. You can play as 3 different classes: warrior , rogue , or sorcerer . Your hero is accompanied by a pet as you adventure through the various locations of Arlor and Shuyal. You earn experience as you kill enemies and complete quests , allowing for character advancement through traits and skills. Arcane Legends runs across several platforms including: Android, iOS, Chrome. It is free to play, yet offers premium features by purchasing platinum using currency.

Character Classes:Edit


 arcane legends players that can help on game:Edit

if you play arcane legends and you are wondering who might be usefull to add as a friend then add the following players as these might be able to help aslong as you are over lv25:)


if you are under lv25+ then the best persion to add is:


" Heiefah"

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